1.0 Information Use
1.1 - SunFireHosting will only collect and use personal information only for the utilization of the account holder’s profile and support requests. Information for the user’s account will be shared with the support representative who is dealing with a support request.

1.2 - No personal information will be sold/forwarded to any third-party organization, if needed, SunFireHosting will release your personal information if ordered to do so by the court of law.

1.3 - SunFireHosting will collect personal information by lawful means where appropriate with the knowledge and consent of the user concerned. 

1.4 - Passwords collected during the registration process will be stored in encrypted/unreadable form to protect against account hijack through our billing software. Your password won’t be visible to any employee of SunFireHosting, meaning no member of our staff will EVER require you to share your password. The SFH Game & Voice Panel will automatically generate random passwords for your FTP login, which you (user) can change.

1.5 - Accessing our site, by default, will save many cookies from external websites, such as Google and These are used to track your movement about our site and to allow your information to be saved when re-accessing our Live Chat system after leaving our site.

1.6 - SunFireHosting is not responsible for the security of any account the user may have with us. It is down to the user to ensure that your password is unique and highly secure, at anytime, the user will be able to change the password of any account used by SunFireHosting.

1.7 - If you don’t agree with any of this privacy policy at any time, you agree that you will stop accessing our site and services immediately.

2.0 Cookie Policy
2.1 - SunFireHosting may set and access Cookies on your computer. All cookies used by the Web Site are used by the provisions of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as revised as by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2011. SunFireHosting has mindfully chosen these Cookies to circulate the traffic flow upon our site.

2.2 - SunFireHosting will never use any cookie to access personal information on your computer such as Passwords, SSN, Credit Card Information, or any other information that can be used to put a user at risk.

2.3 - SunFireHosting will never betray a user (customer) in any means. Our Cookies on our site are specifically chosen to make our Web Site more usable and to utilize all resources on the site.

2.4 - SunFireHosting may update, add, or remove any Cookies to the Web Site without confirmation between a user, partnership, or any other third-party source/service.